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A Bill that I hope will become law in Minnesota and an example for the nation is moving through the Legislature. StarTribune.com
“The bill would prohibit “harassment, bullying, intimidation and violence” based on a student’s personal characteristics such as race, sexual orientation or religion. It would, in effect, “simply expand the categories of people that schools already cover with their anti-bullying policies,” according to OutFront Minnesota, one of the organizations pushing for its adoption. Education Minnesota, the state’s teachers union, is the most prominent of several other groups backing the bill.”
Bullying has been the scourge of childhood relationships inside and outside of schools. It has done tremendous damage to developing children at a highly sensitive time. We all know examples of the results of bullying that hit the headlines. But for every headline, there are millions of children who grow up with invisible wounds to their perception of self, their sense of safety, and their belief that they can make a place for themselves in this world.
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