David Earl Johnson, LICSW

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This is good advice for those who forgo the formality of marriage to live together. This advice applies all romantic couples who have children, financial, and/or assets or other shared valued items. | Detroit Free Press Image via Wikipedia <blockquote> &#8220;People go into these relationships out of love, but they don&#8217;t use their heads,&#8221; says Pamela Radzinski, a Southfield <a class="zem_slink" href="" title="Divorce" rel="wikipedia">divorce</a> and family law attorney. Yet census data show the number of opposite-sex couples living together hit 6.

David Earl Johnson, LICSW

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Bad news sells better than good news. Unfortunately, sometimes that means bad articles are created to grab your attention. Here is a good example. Couples in trouble are looking for help. Instead of informing them up front, this article starts out saying therapists may not help and may be incompetent. How many people stop reading right there? [Married With Problems? Therapy May Not Help][1] Each year, hundreds of thousands of couples go into counseling in an effort to save their troubled relationships.