David Earl Johnson, LICSW

2 minute read

I tripped over a surprising bit of news over at Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments. Hispanic teens are suffering the highest rates of mental health and chemical health issues according to a recent CDC press release. In the recent upsurge in interest regarding immigration issues, many Hispanics youths, who themselves are American citizens are being swept up in racism and ill-advised nationalism. No matter where you fall on the issues, the health of American citizens should be something that everyone can agree on.

David Earl Johnson, LICSW

4 minute read

The [NY Times][1] published an article last week quoting some sobering statistics about inner city black youth. Six in 10 black men in their 30s who had dropped out of school had spent time in prison. Fifty percent of black youths don’t finish high school. Unemployment for black high school dropouts has peaked at 72%. Orlando Patterson, a professor of sociology at Harvard, wrote a courageous article in the [NY Times][2] today.