David Earl Johnson, LICSW

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I have over 30 years experience providing counseling to a wide variety of adults including many persons with long standing, complex, and difficult problems that haven’t responded well to treatment. I have extensive experience with the broadest diversity in treating depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, recovery from child and/or domestic abuse, crime survivors, including sexual abuse and rape. You can now learn to Live Emotionally Free, Mindfully Aware and Totally Centered! After 30 years of experience providing mental health services, I have discovered six key concepts to a healthy life.

David Earl Johnson, MSW, LICSW

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Mission {.widget-header} The mission of blog.davemsw.com is to (1) advance the knowledge of consumers of mental health services to empower them to to assess the quality and accessibility of mental health services, (2) to disseminate to the general public comments from a mental health professional’s perspective on mental health news, and (3) to share information with other professionals. None of the information contained on this site should be considered a replacement for professional services offered face-to-face by licensed mental health professionals.

David Earl Johnson, MSW, LICSW

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Dare to Dream… {.widget-header} Dreams are what we fantasize about as children, they are the roles we play as we pretend to be the heroes in our fantasies, the symbols of the heroes in our lives. They are the substance of the rambling thoughts we think about as we stare out the window. Dreams are what we think about when are feeling encouraged, enthusiastic, and energetic. Dreams are not goals or objectives.