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A common theme in this blog is Emotional Intelligence. This review is on one of several new books on emotion for children, reviewed by an expert on children’s literature with whom I have a close relationship, my wife. HAPPY, SAD & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN All About My Feelings A book by Sunny Im-Wang, Psy.D., SSP


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Illustrated by Alex McVey This book, written for children ages 4-8, helps kids identify emotions and gives them strategies for understanding and appropriately expressing those feelings. It uses age-appropriate language to identify a wide range of emotions so that children can recognize not only their emotional feelings but also the way those emotions feel throughout their bodies. It goes on to offer suggestions for coping with and expressing those feelings, and building skills to manage difficult emotions such as anger or anxiety. The examples and explanations are drawn from common children’s experiences, and the engaging and colorful illustrations help to identify the feeling for each emotion. The book includes a note to parents and educators for using this book with children, helping them to recognize feelings and the physical signs connected to those emotions, and offering ideas for discussion and role-playing. It highlights thoughtful questions about our emotions, and includes a helpful relaxation exercise that parent and child can practice together. With all the emphasis on academic achievement in our competitive society, this book introduces children to emotional literacy, an essential skill for a happy and well-adjusted life. Mindfulness for children can help them better focus at school, and function successfully socially with their peers and the adults in their lives. From my experience with this age group as an elementary paraeducator, I highly recommend this book as an engaging and useful tool for helping children identify and understand emotion, and manage its expression in healthy and acceptable ways. Sandra Johnson
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