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Pete Feigal sent me another set of stories now posted to [Dare To Dream Forums][1]. Pete has been a regular contributor. He is now blind, mostly wheelchair bound, but still one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve ever heard on the topic of recovery from disability. Pete Feigal has been battling clinical depression for 30 years, and MS for the last 19. He has spoken nationally over 1400 times in the last 11 years for schools, colleges, prisons, corporations, churches, medical professionals and police forces around the nation. He is a native Minnesotan and has been, in his checkered past, a professional Shakespearian actor, an aviation and motorcycle artist, and a motorcycle drag racer. He describes his newest contributions.

“[“Why There Are No ‘Whys?’”][2] came from all of the senseless killings we’ve had lately, and from when I’m asked to speak afterwards and people want to know “why.” [“The Light That Failed”][3] is a life-changing moment in my life, when I went totally blind almost exactly a year ago. [“Open Letter To A Friend With Depression.”][4] I’m contacted every day by folks that are looking for help, inspiration, resources, for themselves or a loved one. [“The Stars Are The Diamonds Of The Poor,”][5] is a two parter where I interviewed almost 100 folks with different struggles, esp mental illness, asking them for their insights about money, living without it, and what they’ve learned are the curses, but also the gifts.”Pete’s web site You can buy Pete’s art!

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