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Apparently, one of his previous counselors has spoken up anonymously. I believe that confidentiality is still required despite the client now being deceased. Duley spoke of her court case for a restraining order. We also get more details of Ivin’s drug and alcohol abuse. Mental illness and drug abuse makes both problems much worse. []1WaPO

“Ivins was abusing vodka, sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication, according to a fellow scientist who is in recovery from addiction. The scientist told a Washington Post reporter that he was in contact with Ivins through Ivins’s two stints in psychiatric and detox facilities this spring. Ivins’s psychiatric problems and homicidal threats predated Duley [his most recent therapist], according to a counselor who saw Ivins for four or five sessions in 2000 at the same Frederick clinic. In an interview with The Post last week, the counselor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the scientist was obsessed with a young woman and had “mixed poison” that he brought when he went to watch her play a soccer game. The counselor contacted the Frederick police but was told that unless Ivins had provided the full name of his intended victim, there was little that could be done. “

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