David Earl Johnson, LICSW

1 minute read

Light therapy effectively treats mood disorders

“But when you throw out all the studies that are methodologically flawed and then conduct a meta-analysis of those that are well-designed, you find that light therapy is an effective treatment not only for SAD but also for depression.” This is good news! We can add Light Therapy to the list of effective treatments for depression as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder! Light Therapy is described as below:

Light therapy is administered by a 10,000-lux light box, which contains white fluorescent light tubes covered with a plastic screen that blocks ultraviolet rays. Full-spectrum light is not necessary. The patient sits in front of the box with his or her eyes open, but should not look directly into the light. The therapy begins with daily sessions of 10 to 15 minutes, which are gradually increased to 30 to 45 minute sessions. Ninety minutes of exposure per day is often prescribed.

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