David Earl Johnson, LICSW

1 minute read

It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week! There is all kinds of information and materials to lead your own media campaign at NAMI.org

Since 1990, mental health advocates across the country have joined together during the first week of October to celebrate Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). What is Mental Illness Awareness Week? Established in 1990 by Congress, the first week of October is designated as “Mental Illness Awareness Week” (MIAW) in recognition of NAMI’s efforts to raise mental illness awareness. “Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day” (BDAD) is held each year on the Thursday of MIAW to encourage further understanding and promote early intervention and treatment for this mental illness. MIAW and BDAD are NAMI’s premiere public awareness and public education campaigns that link the organization nationally to the organization’s over 1100 local affiliates across the country. Over the past 16 years, MIAW has become a tradition in NAMI. It presents an opportunity for all three levels of NAMI –national, state and local – to work together in communities across the country in meeting the NAMI mission through a variety of outreach, educational, and advocacy efforts.

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