David Earl Johnson, LICSW

2 minute read

Truth sometimes is hard to accept. The truth about trauma provides one of those challenges. Trauma and it’s recovery is a natural process. Human beings have survived trauma for thousands of years. Post trauma symptoms provide something similar to exposure with intrusive memories and flashbacks. How we deal with these symptoms has a huge effect on how well we cope.

Obviously, the natural process of recovery from trauma can go horribly wrong with damaging consequences. Regardless, I have found it most useful to help my clients normalize the experience as much as possible. I’ve found it particularly effective to treat PTSD in a group setting, where the many components of group, the group’s cohesion and mutual support help recreate a natural process akin to a healthy family. When other group members share trauma, clients can see and feel the support and validation from the group. This is particularly helpful for the client to recognize her/his own exaggerated self-blame and begin the process of self-forgiveness, a kind of “opposite action” treatment.

Trauma Informed Care Tip Discover the natural process within yourself that helps you heal traumas in your life and those of our clients. The human being has an amazing capacity for self-healing. Tapping into our own strengths, we can help our clients discover their own natural process of recovery and guide them towards a healthy process.

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